Visiting Japan has always been on my bucket list. I’ve watched plenty of freeride movies being stoked by the japan powder and I really wanted to experience this on my own. And I finally did!
At the end of January me and my buddy Josh flew over to Japan being followed by the photographer Armin Walcher and Björn, who was filming us.

We had incredible two weeks in the Kirroro Resort. I guess I’ve never experienced so much precipitation over just one night! Soooo much snow! EPIC! Almost every day we have been skiing on up to 40cm of fresh snow.
Starting the day with a miso soup, going over to some powder skiing and finishing everything up with soba noodles, sushi or other seafood delicacies. That’s what I call a good day 🙂

There are so many metaphors in my head while thinking about our Japanese adventure. But I will stop it here – leaving you with our movie:

Japanese Stix from Björn Hunger on Vimeo.